5 Reasons why you Might Want Your own Movie Theatre

  1. You no longer need to spend tens of thousands on the set up. To get a passable set up, it only costs around 4000 to 5000 pounds (not necessarily cheap but not prohibitively expensive). Of course, you might want to spend more on certain components of your set up in order to build a better experience.
  2. You can actually achieve an enhanced experience over that of a cinema. Plus you get to experience the magic of the cinema in your own home.
  3. You appreciate watching the act of watching a film more, as the experience becomes more intense.
  4. Your living space automatically becomes cooler. Even if your projector is at a budget, people tend to be impressed by the size of the screen.
  5. Your eyes will thank your for it, as viewing a projector’s reflected light is less intense than viewing a screen with lit pixels. This was one of the reasons why I opted for a home theatre over a television.

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