5 Reasons why You’re Still Single

  1. You haven’t got your life together

    Why would any potential boyfriend or girlfriend want somebody who has aspects of his/her life which are so obviously out of control? Maybe as a bedfellow, but certainly not as a serious prospect.
  2. You’re too controlling

    As a general rule, people don’t like feeling forced to dance to your tune. Obviously there are exceptions; some people like being controlled. Mastering yourself, however, will convey a greater level confidence to your date.
  3. You’re not generous enough

    Being generous does not entail spending ludicrous amounts on your dates to the extent that you show yourself to be quite out of control. Don’t complain about small change, and don’t forget to tip.
  4. You don’t smell fantastic

    Nothing is more off-putting than bad smells. Bad smells are generally associated with poor hygiene. Poor hygiene is associated with disease. Most people tend to think too much about the way they look as opposed to the way they smell.
  5. You have not had enough practice

    Spend more time with opposite sex in order to build confidence. Lack of experience cannot be easily hidden.

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