5 Ways in Which People Waste Money

  1. Cars. They are useful but it’s usually a depreciating asset that contributes significantly to your household expenses. Always carefully outweigh the costs and benefits of buying a car.
  2. Holidays. Now everybody needs a rest, but it’s important to consider whether you are spending too extravagantly. Do you need to stay in the Ritz?
  3. Brands. They work on your brain to keep you spending more. There are exceptions of course, as certain brands offer value for money and quality, but don’t get fleeced out there.
  4. Eating out. I know that food is important but takeaways and restaurants are literally eating away at your investment potential.
  5. Mobile phones. They are certainly the new essential to everyday life, but how many functions do you need? How much does the screen-to-body ratio truly impact your life? Different people will have different answers, however, most of us can probably safely say that the latest and greatest phone won’t change our lives an iota.

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